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Convert Excel spreadsheets to databases

We transfer your Excel spreadsheets to databases. The advantages for you :

Save up to 40.000€ average of server cost because of less data structureok

The software is tailored to your needsok

simple user interfaceok

How it works

Enter flexible your Data : no matter where , no matter when

You need a flexible office for yourself or your employees ? We offer custom mobile solutions for your needs .

So it is all possible at any time , your orders , requests , invoices or other processes specially secured, to edit in a app customised for you.



ii making complicated applicable to all employees. Simple user interface

geringere Kosten

low cost

Unbeatable price compared to the price of commercially available enterprise resource planning systems or IT software services



Close customer contact - Short response times

Multiuser fähig

Multi -user capability

multiple users can simultaneously access the data



Enter flexible your data : no matter where , no matter when



More transparency : monitor , control and manage your company



Software is adapted to customer needs. Excel going to be linked to a databases. Each department is given an individual form



ii creates the optimal structure for your business. Operation is easy and error-free. Find hidden cost positions in you company over the report function.

your benefits

  • Customizable programs
  • Nevermore incorrect entries
  • Simply derive Controlling metrics
  • lower costs
  • free capacity for your core work
  • Search results as known from the Internet - easily displayed
  • Several users can access simultaneously and edit data
  • Connection to the existing company software possible

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